NASA Robotics Kit

Concept for licensing consumer electronics packages in collaboration with current leaders in space exploration. Space X, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, etc.

NASA brand allowed for Free concept artwork and 3d models : 

open-source allows for more freedom when developing 3D assets.

Concept sketching + 3D assets were used to build the desired Mockups

Collaboration with the Art department / Marketing project manager was crucial to define the desired functions for the NASA inspired - Licensed Robotics Kit.

Developed NET EDU concept to establish a possible brand for different licensed applications.

Kits would include open-source running devices using Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms. 

The NETEDU concept controller

allow the user to place their phone on the pad and follow the onscreen prompts

learn how code interactions with their robot kit using mit Scratch

NASA Branded concept Presentation images

Cycles render in Blender to develop 3d animations + Images for a battery pack.

developed environment design for possible VR / AR applications. 

Short animation using Blender without environment texture map