AR Glasses Magnification for Bird watching

While working with RaspberryPi for my prototyping needs i created different mock-ups with lights using Arduino.IO with products from Pimoroni + NeoPixels. 

this project is a self guided practice in possible consumer electronics in future AR Tools. 

creating an augmented work tool from an old pair of glasses

My first step with the glasses was to document it's components w/ drawings for 3d-modeling reference.

When using a customers parts you have to take precautions to minimalize any possible damage to the original conditions and specifications.

close up images of the soldering work for the wiring and grounds to data-in to the neo-pixel ring board leds.

A Big Thank you to micro center up in queens!! 

to reduce any pain points on the prototype all of the wires for the neo-pixel led rings were bound with tape and coil cord to the frame of the glasses. 

After completing the wiring of the neo-pixel's and magnifying lenses to the eyeglasses it was time to turn the lights on.

!! warning !!

!! warning !! warning !! warning !!

~~ bright ~~ flashing ~~ lights ~~ 

Future capable applications with 360 video and heads-up display with better Lenses.

I want to incorporate a microphone on the glasses

a 3d printed frame and an LCD display

keep the development software free and open with GNU / linux

send your links to tutorials, githubs OR PERSONAL WORK 

tools LIKE : vue.js,, wemos, python,, jquery, javascript, etc. 

trying to learn more!